Social Media

The Voice of Your Brand

Social media is the public voice and face of a brand – the most seen and most effective way to connect with your users and customers.

I have extensive experience crafting social media posts – from strategy through to execution, from copy to graphics – on all major social platforms.

See below for some example posts from previous projects and clients.

LinkedIn Post

Company Announcement

This client needed to make an important company announcement, which they were publishing on their website and social media simultaneously.

For this post, I wrote the post copy, ensuring to cover the most important details of the full announcement, and linked to the article on the company website.

I also created a banner image to accompany the post, to make sure this important (and text-heavy!) announcement wasn’t lost in the stream.


Industry News

For this civil engineering business, it was important for their social media feeds to represent their place as industry experts.

I researched, wrote and designed a stream of posts for them covering newsworthy topics and discussions in their field.